1. How did this mask come to be?
    Please visit the About Us to hear about how this mask came to be.

  2. Will the mask look and fit on me like how they are on the model in the product photo?
    Everyone is unique, which is why we shared the mask dimensions so you measure it out for yourself and assess the fit before you order. Additionally, due to high demand, there may be variations in fabric and the mask. Our priority is to get masks to everyone who needs them as soon as possible. The variation would only be in aesthetics and not quality.

  3. When will I receive my order?

    Your support for factory workers has been massive! Our masks are made-to-order and we’re doing our best to get it out to everyone as soon as we can! Though our official shipping policy is 2-7 business days, shipping will be expedited and you’ll receive a tracking number so you’ll know where it is as soon as it’s out for delivery.

  4. Do you ship internationally?
    Yes, we do. Official shipping policy is also 2-7 business days, though we want to emphasize that our masks are made-to-order. We are working hard to get it out to everyone as soon as we can!

  5. Who is the mask for?
    While anyone can use the mask, this is intended to be a viable alternative for non-health workers, thereby relieving pressure on medical grade personal protective equipment for those who need it most.

  6. Is it reusable?
    Yes, you can reuse the mask after washing it.

  7. What type of filters can we use?
    When it comes to the filter, the tighter the weave of the material the better. You’re also balancing breathability and comfort, which is why dried baby wipes was recommended. It’s a tight weave but not too tight that it’s hard to breathe through, as discomfort could lead to less use or more face-touching. You could use other dried wipes, we’ve also heard of others using dryer sheets!

  8. Can I share masks?
    No, you should not share masks.

  9. How do I wash the mask?
    Wash the mask in warm water. Make sure you remove the filter before washing it with regular detergent. The mask is also dryer safe.

  10. How often should the mask be washed?
    We recommend that the mask be washed after every use.
  11. Why did you choose this fabric?
    We reviewed research on what would be the best material for these masks. We also tested different materials in our factory and the best fabric according to our research is t-shirt fabric. With the goal of comfort, breathability, and access to materials, we chose this fabric.
  12. Can I return the mask?
    No. For the safety of everyone, any mask(s) purchased will be final sale and cannot be returned.
  13. Can I buy the mask(s) in-store anywhere?
    At this time, the masks are only available online under the "shop" page.

  14. Can I buy more than the 24-pack?
    For bulk orders of 500 or more, please contact us through the "contact us" page.